Longbay Petroleum Associates Limited is a New Zealand based, privately owned company incorporated on 3rd March 2000.


Longbay Petroleum Associates Ltd has expertise in the following areas of business:

1   Crude oil marketing for small and medium crude oil producers. Our team can assist small and medium producers to optimise their net-back prices, and design strategies to minimise being price takers. In certain circumstances, we can assist with arranging pre-finance of production and all aspects of price risk management.

2   Strategic oil and energy security planning, including design of storage facilities, optimisation of location considerations, operation and pollution control aspects, and management of physical crude oil inventories.

3   We can undertake due diligence on investment acquisition targets with full confidentiality for potential acquirers.

4   Mergers and acquisition investigations. Given specific target acquisition information, we assist energy investment companies to short-list prospective companies operating in designated fields of expertise, and within specific geographical areas.

5   Marketing, pricing and shipping for coal. For sellers, we can assist in contract specification offering to optimise netback return, and can assist in pre-financing in certain circumstances. Speciality in sized anthracitic coal, bituminous coal, coal handling, and aspects of spontaneous combustion effecting transportation and storage.

6   Creating additional value out of existing energy contractual arrangements by designing new approaches to marketing strategy, and developing ideas to create win-win scenaria for buyers and sellers. As an independent organisation, we can work with a specified mix of specialist knowledge and service providers, to create unique solutions that add value.

7   We represent foreign investors investigating opportunities to supply LNG to New Zealand. Dependable supplies of LNG could assist in mitigating energy supply security for industrial users of natural gas and electricity generators using gas turbines.


Brian Casey

Managing Director and CEO, Longbay Petroleum Associates Ltd


Career spanning expertise in specialised construction materials and quarrying, internationally trained in commodity shipment sampling and independent laboratory analytical services, international commodity trading in energy and metals, mergers and acquisitions for listed company, specialist is strategic petroleum reserve structuring and management. Active angel investor assisting New Zealand start-up companies in with all aspects of their business development, strategy, pitching for finance and market validation studies.


Hons B.Comm (Business Economics – International Marketing) UNISA.


Member of  The Institute of Petroleum, now Energy Institute.  www.energyinst.org.uk

Member of Petroleum Exploration & Production Association of New Zealand.  www.pepanz.com


Brian Casey

Managing Director


Land Line:

+64 9 473 1996



+64 2 137 7709



+64 9 473 1522





Post Mail:

P.O. Box 35474

Browns Bay 0753


New Zealand


Registered Offices:

55 Rock Isle road

Torbay 0630


New Zealand